June 11, 2010

Thank God it's Friday?


It's Friday, the day that I really like most. But instead, I sit here feeling empty and with nothing to do, might as well take this time to list down things in my mind. Just random things bothering me, or simply things running through my mind.

- I got irritated coz I got a HIT while applying for NBI clearance and was asked to return after 10 working days.

- I feel so sleepy, I even slept here in the office (nap lang pala hehe)

- I found myself singing and liking the song Lips of an Angel by Hinder (again, after liking it so much at the time it hit the charts)

- I want to make acoustic covers of some songs and put them in my facebook videos hehe

- I feel sad because our appointment was canceled for today

- I am still waiting for the formal offer thru email coz I want to know the requirements and so that I can prepare my things already

- I am slowly beginning to consider the other offer for me

- I really like what our current group is doing right now, but being in that company is something I thought about for so long and I really want to cultivate myself with their culture of excellence

- I am already tired.

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