November 22, 2011

Faithless Looting - A Dark Ascension Preview


As released in the Magic Arcana today, the second issue of the Magic: the Gathering comic book comes with a free card - Faithless Looting.

Like the first issue, that will hit the stores in January 2012, the second issue comes with another common card but with alternate art, the first issue coming with an alternate art Treasure Hunt. Faithless Looting is going to be in Dark Ascension (as a common), although it's going to have different art and flavor text.

For people who played in the Odyssey block, you might think this is a familiar card - yep, it has a similar ability with Careful Study (A powerful common at that time, until now), but careful study is blue and this is red, and has a flashback that may prove to be useful mid - late game. The flashback and low cost of the card can make it a great synergy with Burning vengeance and it can provide red with a mechanism to dig into the library.

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