November 24, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist


I had several wishlists this Christmas. But I just took some time and had some fun by displaying 1 of my wishlist on my CPU in the workplace. This is how my CPU currently looks like...

And since that post-it on the Magic:the gathering card cannot be read, let us zoom it in a little bit.

hehe. I really hope I can get some Snapcaster Mages * as a gift! hehe I hope that Santa can hear me and that my wish will come true. ^_^


  1. Hehe. Find a girl who can be your SANTA. Hehe.

    We now have a set of Snapcaster Mage. That's big thanks to our Quest for the Magic Funds ^_^

  2. Hope you get your wish. Wala pa along maisip na wish ko mahal kasi gusto ko. hahah
    Visiting from BC bloggers!



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