June 23, 2012

M13 Launch Party (Release) Card - Staff of Nin with Picture


Launch Party cards are now given to each participant who join the first FNM when a new set becomes legal. Thus, everybody can get a chance to get this Launch party promo foil card when M13 is released. Honestly, I really like M13's launch party's abilities - I repeat ABILITIES.

First, you can tap it to deal 1 damage to target creature or player. This Rod of Ruins-like ability is pretty much decent in the current metagame. It can kill spirit tokens, vampire tokens of Sorin Lord of Innistrad, it can also kill a Phantasmal Image.  For control players, you can use the ability to ping your opponent at the end of his or her turn. Of course, anything that can deal damage to a player can be redirected to Planeswalkers - It can kill a Sorin Lord of Innistrad who put an emblem immediately in play, or kill a Liliana who used her -2 ability to kill a a creature.. etc and the list can go on.

What I really liked in this card is that it can let you draw a card each turn. A draw engine like this can be very helpful in control decks. If I base my card choices in card abilities alone, this card is an automatic-in in my deck lists.

But sad to say, card choices are not based on card abilities alone, I really don't like the casting cost of this card. For 6 mana, I think I wanted more from a card to integrate in a deck. 6 is too much for me for a rod of ruin and a card drawer - at best I can include one of this - that is at best. With the titans, arguably the best 6 drop creatures cycle printed, Wurmcoil Engine and other better 6 drops in standard right now, I doubt if I can find room for this in constructed play.

But then again, coming to an FNM will not hurt so bad if this card is only free right? So here it is, M13's Release Party (Launch Party) promo foil card is Staff of Nin.

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