June 10, 2012

Incorporating Avacyn Restored Mechanic : Miracle in Solar Flare


It's been quite some time now since Avacyn Restored was released but the decklist of Solar Flare had the least changes. For a few weeks now, I have playtested adding some miracle cards from Avacyn Restored into Solar Flare and I think these two cards are the most viable miracle cards to be added into Solar Flare.
Grand Prix Manila will be next week and I think this is the deck that I will be bringing in the event.

For starters, Miracle is a new mechanic introduced in Avacyn Restored that enables you to cast a card with its miracle cost as you draw them if it is the first card you drew that turn. As you draw an instant or sorcery with miracle, if it's the first card you've drawn this turn, you can immediately reveal it. When you do so, you may cast it for its miracle cost. It doesn't matter whether it's an instant or sorcery; if you choose to cast it, you do so right away, even if it's at a time (such as your draw step) when you couldn't normally cast it. You're not required to reveal a miracle card, even if you could pay for it. You can always choose to just draw it as normal.

You're allowed to cast the first card you draw each turn if it has miracle, so if you find ways to draw cards during your opponent's turn, for example Think Twice, you get another chance for a game-breaking, miraculous moment.

Personally, if you are not used to playing with miracle cards, you can have many errors in drawing a card and putting it directly to your hand, just to find out that the card you just drew is a miracle card. I did this error a lot of times and so I had to change my style and play during the upkeep and draw step to carefully look at each card I draw first before doing the act of putting the card in my hand. That way, if I drew a card with miracle I can cast it with its miracle cost.

The first miracle card that I really really want is Entreat the Angels. It is a really insane card when you can cast it with its miracle cost and can definitely turn the game around to your advantage. With a Vault of the Archangel in your deck, these angel tokens can swing for large amounts of damage and can gain you a lot of life.

The next card is Terminus. Although I saw a lot of Esper builds adding this card to the decklist as a 1 of. I think an extra Day of Judgement in the sideboard is better than adding this card as a fourth Wrath effect in the main deck. I mean I love this card. And this card is very good for control. But I think it is not that good in Solar Flare with the Sun Titan +Phantasmal Image combo. You want a sweeper that can put your creatures in your graveyard, not exile them or put into the bottom of your library. But then again, maybe it will not hurt you a lot if you add this as a 1-of in your deck. But for me, I think for the GP Manila, I will this card out from the main list.

I am still doing some final check in my deck list so I think I will post the decklist in another post. I wish I will reach day 2 of the GP and if that would be the case, it would make my first Grand Prix experience very memorable.

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