January 5, 2010

February 2010 FNM Card - Ghostly Prison


Two months in a row now that the selected FNM cards are very cool and usable! Ghostly prison is a very good card that is definitely usable in legacy and in EDH format. Personally, I would be playing FNMS this Feb to get a play set of these cards. Usable both in control White-x decks and also aggro white decks, this February's FNM card is Ghostly Prison.

Feb 2010 FNM Card - Ghostly Prison


  1. I miss playing FNMs errr, playing MTG to be exact. I wish to have FNM cards every month. Hehe.

  2. bili ka na lang liz hehe.. u stopped playing na?.. busy na?..

    ako nga bihira na alng maxado makalaro.. mga once every month na lang cguro sa tourneys.. hahay..

    oo nga, happy ako to get my page rank back.. na huli kasi ako dati na nagpopost ng ads so inalis ung PR4 ko huhuhu..



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