January 15, 2010

Affinity Legacy Deck


It is Legacy Month here in Davao City and for the first time this month I spent a friday night here in my hometown. I basically had several choices on what deck to use for legacy tonight but, in the end, I brought with me my artifact affinity deck.
The ravager affinity deck is a good choice because, based on previous tournaments, no one used affinity as their legacy deck so it might be a good surprise for other players. Second, the affinity deck can match up aggro decks in terms of speed, it can race burn decks for damage and its early drop creatures can really can stomp on control decks. I finished 4th place tonight with a 3-1 standings. Here is the list for my Ravager Affinity deck:

4 cranial plating
4 springleaf drum
2 chromatic star

Artifact Creatures:
4 arcbound worker
4 arcbound ravager
4 frogmite
4 ornithopter
3 myr enforcer
3 master of etherium

4 Disciple of the vault

4 thoughtcast
2 shrapnel Blast

Artifact Lands:
4 Seat of the Synod
4 Vault of Whispers
3 Ancient Den
4 Great Furnace
3 Darksteel Citadel

3 Pithing Needle
4 Tidehollow Sculler
4 Pyroblast
4 Duress

Round 1 vs Monoblack Vampire-Discard (W 2-0) : 1-0
Notes: Mulled to 6 in each game. Vamps had no answer for an early game ornithopter equipped with cranial plating.

Round 2 vs Cheesy Monored (L 1-2) : 1-1
Notes: Bad sideboard. Should have chosen Hydroblast over Pyroblast before the tournament started since the deck basically doesn't fear blue decks. The deck basically isn't in perfect condition since I only had 2 chromatic stars. Given there should be 3-4 chromatic stars in the main deck, the sideboard for red should be +4 duress and +4 tidehollow sculler. But the fear of the possible lack of mana-fixing cards in my version limited me to siding in duress and leaving the scullers in the bin. In game 3, got his life down to 10 in turn 3 with an 8/2 ornithopter and an 8/8 master of etherium. But he got 2 fireblasts (1 topdraw) in his hand to finish me in his turn 4.

Round 3 vs Monoblack Vampires (W 2-1) : 2-1
Notes: Game 1 was really bad. Mulled to 5 and had 3 cranial platings in play with no creatures to equip (autoloss). Sided in pithing needles to pacify his jitte and he basically had no answer for the master of etherium.

Round 4 vs Monowhite Aggro (W 2-0) : 3-1
Notes: I basically do not have any answers for soltari priests so I should be able to race with his damage. Although his Parallax Wave gave him extra turns, but as the wave's effect ended, he can't race with my creatures equipped with cranial plating. Game 2, I sided in Pithing needle and names Parallax Wave and that's 1 threat off for me. He got jitte online but I still managed to squeeze out the win with the ravager/disciple of the vault combo. ^_^


  1. I miss playing MTG... :( I miss being a white/red player.

  2. hoy ate emma! ikaw pala yan! hehehe

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