January 8, 2010

Mixed Emotions


Today, I am at the 3rd government hospital that I visited this week. Assisting the system users before the Governor visits to check if the users are using the system.

Mixed emotions came rushing to me. I have always been having travel sickness and all these traveling passed through my defenses. I want to go home already and miss the comfort the office gives me. I miss my family and my friends. I miss my bed, which is far greater than the one I am sleeping on right now.

I want to take on a different career or maybe find another company and learn as many new things as possible. I feel as though I am eating PHP, java and javascript everyday. I feel tired of adjusting to people that are very unprofessional and immature. But I don't want to leave yet because I am a software developer and part of the reason why I am a developer is because I want to make things easier for our clients. When all this is done, maybe next month or next few months, I think I can free myself from the worry of leaving the client before everything is set 100%.

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