February 5, 2010

Diving into Worldwake


In what seemed to be a devastating situation of not joining the Worldwake pre-release.. I managed to get back to my home city for 2 days, just in time to participate in the Pre-release party of Magic:the gathering's new set, Worldwake.
Being away from Davao and Magic the gathering felt like forever but being able to participate in the pre-release party cleared my mind from all the glitches of the software I am part of developing and from the problems that continue to bother me.

I had a fair standings of 2-2. Of course, for a pre-release party, this is okay because 2 wins means 2 bonus booster packs hehehe. Of course, I miss being part of the people on top but all these traveling and work made me lose some skills as I obviously made several misplays and bad decisions as I was playing crucial moments in the pre-release party. But overall, I had a great time and at least I had time for myself to unwind and relax a bit.

This week, I am back to Camiguin and will surely miss the Worldwake launch party this sunday. I am still figuring out whether to buy a booster box for worldwake as my overall evaluation for the current set is not that good. It probably has a few cards that costs sky-high prices but most of the cards are crap. Anyway, when I get back to davao on February 13, I might find the answer to buy or not to buy a booster box. Of course, this is all possible because I might not spend for valentines day this year.. hehe, it is chinese new year and I think this can be better, and that I might get Jace.... hehehe

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