March 10, 2010

April 2010 FNM Card - Bloodbraid Elf


Cool Cool Cool!!!! Everybody was asking for this card!!! And finally, our prayers have not fallen into deaf ears. Bloodbraid elf is arguably one of the best cards printed. At 4 mana cost, you have a 3/2 creature with haste with cascade. Being able to cascade spells with mana cost 3 or less, this card may fetch almost all cards in your extended and vintage deck (not to mention a free jitte on the board). I can also note that the art for the fnm card is better than that of the regular card.

This is really epic! I love the card eventhough I am not a green player. Just looking at it, this is a no brainer, you can really see sheer power.

Friday Night Magic foil card for April 2010 - FNM - Bloodbraid Elf.

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