March 4, 2010

I had ENOUGH!!!


I really really wish this day would really end!

I am really pissed off since I have been working my ass off today. With different kinds of problems arising, I was running back and forth to different hospital areas!
and when I wanted to consult my officemates for their parts/modules, I was surprised that no one was online in yahoo messenger! **** I do not care what you are doing! It is already 12:00 and no one is still around. 1 person is online but she is in idle mode. To those who are not online? Let's say we'll exchange places. What would you ****ing do?

I really find people in this company immature and irresponsible! that's why I am leaving this company. I will just do my part. Then I will leave and nothing's gonna stop me!


  1. Chillax. We share the same sentiments... Well, at times, yes. Haha. I'm happy with my job, until one fateful day, my corporate dreams were crushed...



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