March 15, 2010

The Eldrazi's Coming to Town


According to the story, these titans are world eaters that have been imprisoned in Zendikar since the ancient times. Now, they roam the Earth free again and it's up to Sorin and Nissa to figure out a way to imprison these titans again.

Woah!!! Let us carefully see the two eldrazi cards that have been spoiled so far - Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and Pathrazer of Ulmalog. Wow! Just wow! These cards are epic and the Annihilator ability is just Insane. Upon declaring as attackers, the defending player sacrifices a certain number of permanents. My mind goes wild for chances of cheating these cards into play. Namely through effects like dramatic entrance and/or reanimate. Of course, Kozilek cannot be reanimated unless you have an instant speed reanimator. But having these cards in play as early as turn 1, and the opponent doesn't have any 1st turn removals means a good game already as they will eat up all your opponent's land-drop in every succeeding turn.

Decent card for an uncommon. The "can’t be blocked
except by three or more creatures" ability is just as strong as "unblockable" in a game. The 9/9 power and toughness also eats up the blockers along the way. What we all can say about these creatures is that their drawbacks are indeed only their high mana costs. But looking at the cards printed and are going to be printed,-Thank God- R and D made some ways of reducing the cost of these monsters and not to mention these tokens that can be sacrificed for 1 colorless mana. I think the Rise of the Eldrazi set will be exciting and fun to experience!

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