February 4, 2012

FNM and Xbox Kinect


Yesterday was a great day for me. I didn't have to alarm my phone at 6:30 am and so I had a very nice and long sleep. I woke up at about 9 am and began to take a bath and wash some clothes. Then I prepared my mtg deck for the Magic standard tournament for the afternoon.

Then I brought my other clothes to the laundry shop and bought one of my favorite food. Fried chicken! oh yeah! I ate lunch with raissa and watched part of an episode of a JDrama and I noticed that the "bida" was the same as my favorite JDrama Buzzer beat, and so I will definitely watch that soon, but then I had to leave for the tournament.

I played great in the tournament and finished 2nd place, but was a bit sad since the boosters packs that we opened did not have good cards and so the 1st place winner came home with an expensive card and me, as the 2nd did not get a money rare (yep! we openened 8 Dark Ascension packs and we had no mythics and just 1 money rare). Then I realized that I was pretty happy that I did not get the chance to buy a booster box this set.

Then, the highlight of the day came. Raissa, Citadel, Amiel, Cathy and other officemates went to a former officemate's birthday party (Jartman!!). The food was great! We had lechon, fish, chicken, spag and a lot more. The cakes were great too. But it also was the first time that I got to Play Xbox Kinect! I heard about it yes, but it was the first time to actually play it. The technology was really marvelous! people got used to playing the games consoles with hand controllers. Then I got to play Wii and got amused by the motion sensors in it. But Kinect is different. It detects your whole body's movement! It was a good thing that I brought an extra shirt because at the end of the night, we were all very tired and were all sweaty hehe.

My child-side aside, Kinect can detect the whole body's movement but still not the movement of detailed parts of the body like the fingers. Imagine what we can do in the technology's perspective when this technology delves into specific movements, and I know engineers are researching and developing that technology as we speak. Imagine what it can do to computing, research, medical and all aspects of our lives. Absolutely brillant!

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