February 12, 2012

Sm 2 Sm Run 2012


I participated in the 12 Kilometer run earlier this morning for the Sm 2 Sm Run 2012. It was actually my first time to participate in any marathon or run and so I was kind of doubtful if I can make the 12 K. The thought of deciding just 3 days ago gave me very little to no preparation for this event. Before the start of the event, I kind of wished that I registered to 6K, but with the basketball and volleyball that I was doing in the last few months, I thought I can do better than 6.

When the run started for the 21K, there was a fireworks display in the SM Northwing parking lot. And so, 15 minutes later, the 12 kilometer run had to start. It rained during the whole event, I thought about not running because I might get sick but since everybody pushed through the run, so did I. I prepared myself mentally for this event and it would be a disappointment for me that the effort of waking up early and looking forward for this event would all thrown down the bin with a sheer rain :D. And so we went on. In the 12K and 21K categories, I had several officemates who participated, namely: Jervis, Raissa, Jufni, Darlene, Naomi and Kristy , and a friend Ian.

What followed was a very fun experience for me. I would like to do 12K again but this time improve on my finish time. At least I knew what to expect in these kinds of run events. When I get used to it, I might try 21K in the next events.

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  1. dude, it aint a marathon.... marathon is called by each distance and that would be 42.195 kilometers to be exact.

    Here, have a look... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marathon :D



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