February 14, 2012

The 7.5 Php Minimum Fare


Unlike in Davao City wherein the Jeepney fare is different for Normal passengers (8 Php) with students, disabled and elderly citizens (6.xx Php), in Cebu there is only one fare price and it is 7.50 Php at the moment.

I understand that because of lack of 50 centavos, people sometimes tend to pay 7 Php only. Most of the time drivers get 8 Php when you pay 10 pesos or any bill. Okay, I understand that they may not have 50 cents and that it would compensate for the people who paid only 7 Php as jeepney fare. Other people pay the exact amount of 7.50 Php and this is when the jeepneys have 50 centavos and they give you your exact change.

What somehow made me unhappy the other day was when I paid 20 pesos, I received 12 pesos of change. Sure, nothing wrong about that because I understand the 50 centavos may be negligible or the "conduktor" might not have 50 cents. But what I received was 2 pesos worth of 25 centavos and a ten-peso coin. And so I asked myself, what is the reason they put a "Minimum Fare is 7.50" inside the jeepney? Just so that people will pay 7.50 and when they have the exact change, conduktors will still get 8 pesos?? BTW, I checked the hand of the conduktor afterwards, and I definitely saw a lot of 1 peso coins there. Tsk tsk. O_o

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