February 2, 2012

#24 Wong sidelined to rehabilitate injury.


For the first time in the last 2 seasons of the AWS Basketball Association, Defending Champions for last year's sportsfest Googs guard #24 Bryan Inno Wong has been sidelined last night for a sore heel and is expected to not play for 2 weeks.

"I plan to rest my heel at the moment. I was able to run on the court a little bit yesterday but the heel started to feel sore so I continued to rest it and just became the referee for our Thursday night basketball." Wong said after thursday's game.

"I have felt the pain in my heel for several years now but usually, it only hurts after a game, then the pain goes away after a day. I feel great before every game but midway, the heel starts to sore.". One positive note though, MRI results were negative and Wong will be expected to do light exercises after a week.


  1. get well soon bro...mawalan na ako ng inspirasyon sa paglaro ng basketball...

  2. oh yeah! haha parang sports center! >:))



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