May 7, 2010

Devastating Red Deck - FNM Evaluation


check out the 2nd version of this deck at Devastating Red version 2.

Hi guys, good to be back in magic: the gathering. I would just like to share the deck that i used for the FNM, which finished 3-1 and ranked 3rd place for the tournament yesterday. I used a modified version for Red Deck Wins that featured Goblin bushwhacker and Devastating Summons. These 2 cards can be deadly on turn 4 as a turn 4 summons plus bushwhacker can create 2 5/4 creatures with haste. Considering the amount of early damage that you can deal with goblin guide, geopede, ball lightning, hellspark elemental and hell's thunder, the devastating summons with haste can most likely finish the job on turn 4. How to pull it off? Simple.

1. Play your 4th land on turn 4.
2. Tap 4 lands and float 4 red mana.
3. use 1 red mana and Cast devastating summons and sacrifice 4 lands to create 4/4 tokens.
4. use 2 floating red mana to cast and kick goblin buswhacker to give +1/+0 and haste to your creatures.
5. You can use the remaining red mana for bolt or burst lightning.
6. Swing!

Anyway, here's the decklist for the red devastating summons with goblin bushwhacker.

Lands (24)
4 teetering peaks
4 scalding tarn
16 mountains

Creatures (22)
4 ball lightning
4 hellspark elemental
3 hell's thunder
4 goblin guide
4 plated geopede
3 goblin bushwhacker

Sorceries (3)
3 devastating summons

Instants (11)
4 seering blaze
4 lightning bolt
3 burst lightning

sideboard (15)
3 manabarbs
3 pithing needle
2 punishing fire
1 devastating summons
1 goblin bushwhacker
1 burst lightning
2 earthquake
2 chain reaction


  1. i wish i could try my jund against this deck. just to see if i could put up a fight. hehehe.

  2. hehehe sure!.. before you leave davao, we'll have a match.. Standard tourney rules.. best of 3 with sideboarding.. ^_^

  3. yey! looking forward to that! :D sana may prize din. haha. joke lang.

  4. u realize that a kill on turn 3 is possible with devastating red?
    i killed so many people on turn 3 with my version of the deck, its so unfair when im on the play and all they have on the board is 2 lands that come into play tapped. then u just need the combo in hand and boom xD

  5. @ anonymous: yes, you're right! you can actually kill them in turn 3 ^_^.. It's really good to win the game that early and the opponents can hardly believe that the game was already over. Thanks for droppin by.

    This version of mine is already outdated. RDW decks run Kargan Dragonlord now. Hope you will try the Dragonlord version too.. ^_^

  6. i do love devastating red

    runs well with most decks now but

    still dies when you encounter just with even a good hand

    Kor firewalker kills this deck flat

    I do Play Kargan Dragonlord with this too works wonders

    this version of the deck is kinda creature based dont like it

    Plated is not really that good if you dont have a search to proc its ability

    Peace out!!



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