May 26, 2010

My Peculiar 3 Days


While waiting for some projects to come in, I decided to give 3 days of my time to helping other people. At the end of these 3 days, I had several realizations and one great turn of events happened.

I want to start with the 'great turn of events' that happened, or it may appropriately addressed as 1 event as a whole. This is about my NBA team, the Phoenix Suns. Before Monday, the Suns were down 0-2 to the Los Angeles Lakers and all hopes were going down already and everybody was expecting that the season for the Suns would end with the Lakers on the roll. With the Suns' bench not stepping up and missing badly in the 3 point attempts and Stoudamire struggling against the length of LA's backcourts, it seemed like the end for the Suns.

When Monday came, I woke up late and I was pissed off to take a taxi going to the DTI office to conduct the training with Sir Loy, Ace and Kristine. Not to mention I left the house at the opening tip of the Suns and Lakers game. When I reached the training area, my bad aura disappeared when I met my co-trainers. I honestly took the offer to train with the mere fact that I had nothing to do within the week, but all these changed when I reached the training room. The training was about teaching SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) about how to make Electronic Brochures / Bulletins and I honestly didn't expect the actual business owners to join the program, but I was wrong! Then my mood started to change, it is a great honor use my talents/skills/learnings to teach these prominent people into making electronic brochures and later uploading them to their respective websites. Then I said to myself that I am going to give more than a hundred percent for this training. Then when snack time came, I checked the nba website and was happy to find out that Phoenix had a lead in the 3rd quarter. Then the training resumed, I had all the time to go to a vacant computer and watch the game till the end but I chose not to, because I am serious about the training and then, everything fell into place.

It was fun to be in the same room with the owners of major businesses here in Davao such as Tevanj, PorkyBest and a lot more! I am really happy because although some of the participants were really old, they were really passionate and eager to learn everything that we taught them. Imagine 40 to 50 year old people, learning Adobe Photoshop? Some of them even encountered the software for the first time. But then, 3 days passed and somehow, the program went smoothly. This may be because of the readiness of the trainers to conduct the training, yes. But it also had to deal with the interest of the participants to actively interact and learn as many things as possible. I want to congratulate everyone for a job well done. A few hours ago, we ended the training with the participants presenting their final brochures, and you can't believe that these people made these brochures in just 3 days not to mention some of them were old already and some encountering the software for the first time.

It was a good 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Now my team managed to tie the series with the Lakers already and with great momentum, hopefully can advance to the NBA finals (I wish!) but with a team like the LA Lakers, winning 2 consecutive games this deep in the playoffs against them is already a great achievement. I was really fulfilled and full (because of the free snacks/lunch and food samples of participants hehehe). It is indeed a great feeling to invest your time into something productive and the feeling of helping others is really incomparable. I also realized that traveling to the other side of the city in the morning and going home in the evening is not a simple thing. I end up taking the taxi to be in he training area on time and I end up sleeping in the jeepney on my way home tired of all the day's activities. I was tired but I am happy. I realized that nothing can stop you if you are interested and you are loving what you're doing. I expect my life will be like this, given the chance that I will be leaving the country in the future and I am happy to feel these things right now. Definitely, these 3 days gave me challenges, happiness and dedication to work that can greatly shape me into a better professional.

3 days? It was definitely worth my time!

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