May 3, 2010

Great Night With my Elementary Batchmates


Yesterday was definitely a blast from the past.

At around 2 pm in the afternoon, I was on my way to the house of a friend for our basketball game. But just a few minutes after riding the jeepney, Ate Shenna and Jude rode the same jeep. Sadly, my friends house was already near so I can't stay to chat and had to go down the jeepney already. Then, after my kuya arrived in jikko's house, we took the taxi and went to Evergold to play basketball.

It was fun playing basketball with new faces and some, old faces that I played with during my high school and early college days in inter-school varsity basketball competitions. Some grew bigger and some had mustaches already, and maybe because they were focusing in their careers already, they were not as good as the kids I played with before, no more very quick steps and crossover moves, but the shooting touches are there. But some of them, retained their body types and still got flashy plays. I was really happy to see an elementary friend there. I last saw him when we were still in grade 6, when we had the same school. Surprisingly, he still plays good. Btw, he was a member of the SBP team for our school way back in grade 6, so I was kind of expecting already that he still plays good.

Moving on, I was set to have a small reunion/dinner with my elementary friends at around 7:30 pm last night. But after playing basketball, I went to Gaisano to stroll to kill the time because it was still 6:30. I was shocked because I was able to see a close friend of mine, and a seatmate in my grade 6 days. Sam was still very pretty, of course she is, she was the first runner-up in the recent Mutya ng Dabaw 2010. She was with her boyfriend so I didn't bother to approach her. But it was really great seeing these old friends of mine.

At last, 7:30 came. But my friends were still not around. What did I expect with the "filipino time". hehe. But of course, maybe seeing them again made me go to the place early. At around 8:00, at last they were already there. We ate at Penong's in Illustre street. Jepoy, Rodel, Raymund, Minco, Karla and Al Omar. The last time I saw some of these people were way back in grade 6. So we talked and laughed and made updates on where our other friends are right now. Then after dinner, we headed for desert! hehe We went to Durian Palace in Torres street to eat durian and chat and laughed again. It was really fun. But it was already 10:30 so we had to go home and end the night for we still had to work in the morning and Minco had a 7:00 flight to Manila today. Anyway, it was really great and I hope to see them again soon.

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