May 19, 2010

Scott Kay Provides Bold and Daring Pieces for the Selective Consumer


Scott Kay initially had no interests in jewelry or fashion. However, as the story goes, he found a lug nut in the street and fashioned it into a ring. Upon this awakening, he applied to the fashion institute of technology and after his initial rejection, he finally was allowed to join. He's become known in the fashion world for blazing his own path above and beyond anyone's expectations and his collection does the same.

His wedding collection has numerous unique pieces including styles that are more traditional. He offers engagement rings with the traditional round cut diamond, but even these are spiced up by the inclusion of platinum rather than gold. In addition, some of the settings include detailed engraving and diamonds offset from the center stone. Moreover, he offers a unique selection of men's wedding bands that include the traditional bands crafted out of platinum, but also intricate engravings such as the vines of the various Sparta bands and the solid weaved look of the stitched style, which are both striking and masculine.

In addition, he offers a wide range of fashion jewelry. Rather than simple chains or pendants, he draws inspiration from some of the most powerful styles in European history. He offers pendants with dark Gothic designs. He crafts bracelets with ivy reminiscent of the Greek columns. He dares to push fashion to the limit with provocative cufflinks sporting Celtic crosses or skulls. Scott Kay remains unafraid to use non-traditional materials including onyx, black sapphires and even cherry wood.

One has chosen to make a statement when selects Scott Kay. His work challenges conceptions of design and material. When you wear one of his pieces, you are making a bold, daring and provocative statement. You declare that you are anything but boring.

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