May 19, 2010

Soccer (Football) Sportsbook Betting Allows for Year Round Excitement


Soccer, or Football, as it is called, is a worldwide phenomenon. One can usually find a local, national or international game every day of the week. Most high profile players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Beckham play on both their national teams along with professional soccer clubs. That way, you can watch them year round. You can increase the excitement through sportsbook betting.

Most sportsbook betting sites have the moneyline, handicap and total as the main forms of betting. The moneyline is the easiest betting type. The sportsbook moneyline will give you the two teams and often the option for a draw along with a plus or negative sign and a three digit number. This ratio corresponds one hundred dollars. In the case of a negative, it shows how much you need to bet to win a hundred dollars. In the case of a positive, it shows how much you stand to win off a hundred dollars. A number of -180 means one has to bet 180 dollars to win 100 for a total of 280 and a +150 means that if one bets 100 dollars one will win 150 for a total of 250. The handicap removes the option of a draw. A handicap can have a whole number, a fraction, or a plus or minus. If Real Madrid has +3/4 over Barcelona this means that if one bets 100 dollars on Real Madrid and they tie you win completely because Real has a +3/4 handicap. However, if they lose by one you'd only lose half your money because a quarter bet is like having two bets one on ½ and one on 1. So one bet would have been a draw and one a loss. Finally, one can bet over or under on the final score. With this, you'll have a sportsbook betting foundation.

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