August 24, 2011

Updates 08/25/2011


What's up guys?

It made me very happy to see that even when I was not able to update posts in this blog, the list of recent views on the feedjit display  indicates that this site still receives several pageviews. Thank you for that.

I'm kind of confused. It seems things are not working out fine. I still want to enjoy life! C'mon! It's actually good to have a long term plan. But I think we shouldn't let that plan spoil the short-term fun-filled plans that an individual has in his/her own life. Every person has his/her own life. That's all.

Anyway, I wanted to give one last shot to participate in the Philippine Nationals next year because I came in one-win SHORT this year. For me, it is gratifying to one's self that you would be able to participate in the highest level of competition your country has to offer to be able to pride yourself that you played the game for real. I wanted to be in that level of competition before I quit. Of course I know someday I will quit my hobbies including basketball, fishing, mtg. But with reactions that instantly block/shield off everything when it comes to things that make me happy at the moment, it makes me feel like not quitting at all and rebel. I don't have a chance to be good at basketball anymore because i wasn't able to reach the highest level of competition the country has to offer for that sport (say UAAP or PBA). Maybe it is just my personality. I want to be competitive.

And I still want to.

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